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Why Duct Pro Solutions

I started my business after my family needed our ducts cleaned. Honestly, I had not heard of it or thought of it.  After watching a video about duct cleaning, I realized we have been in our home for 10 years, it was built in the 80's and we had never cleaned them and were not aware if they were cleaned prior.  We have an air filter and change the return air filter monthly but once we saw the videos of what could be in the ducts, we knew we had to get them cleaned.


As clean as we keep the home and monitor the filters,  there was so much dust and even critter droppings...yes, critter droppings in our sealed air ducts.  Living in the mountains, the tech shared that it is not uncommon and why they recommend cleaning the ducts.


We called multiple people and places to obtain a quote.  After asking friends, family and professionals who was recommended and if anyone had a referral, there was no one local that came up.  This was the time that I knew I should start something.  I researched companies, brands and equipment.  Purchasing the best equipment was important and I am confident in the decision to go with Pro Air.  They are licensed with certified technicians and custom equipment made by the professionals for the professionals.


If you choose to hire me, my guarantee to you is:


      - I will show up on time

      - I will treat your home with respect, wearing shoe covers and ensuring that the ladder and equipment 

        are on mats I bring so that your floors are protected.

      - I will complete the job and ensure your home is left how it was when I arrived, with one change -

        clean ducts for the air you breathe to flow through.


I look forward to working for you and am happy to answer any questions that you might have.


Jaden Cheek


Air Filter

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